villa rosa

holiday home to let in northern tuscany

Food plays an extremely important role in the average Italian's life. Many a day in Italy is structured around when, where and what will be eaten and the restaurants in the area certainly offer some delicious local dishes.

Fivizzano (5 minutes), Cerreto (20 minutes), Monzone (25 minutes), Mezzana (25 minutes), Tresana (25 minutes),  Lerici (40 minutes), Cinque Terre (1 hour)



Il Giardinetto
+39 058 592 060
The most convenient restaurant in terms of vicinity. There are a few good local dishes. Atmosphere like going back 50 years! Just off the main square in Fivizzano.

Pizzeria Medicea
+39 058 592 085
The best pizzas in Fivizzano according to us. A few other local dishes available. Very informal. Situated in the main square in Fivizzano.


Casa Giannino
Tel: +39 058 594 9707
Actually not in Cerreto but on the road up to the Cerreto pass. Traditional local dishes with handmade pasta.


Da Remo
Tel: +39 058 597 933
A 20 minute drive from the house. Good local produce and excellent wine list. One of the best restaurants in the near vicinity. Watch out for the unatmospheric bright lighting that seems to be a common theme in restaurants in the area!


Ristorante Al Vecchio Tino
Tel and Fax: +39 058 597 733
Mobile: +39 339 725 2713
Address: Loc. Germalla, 1 Monte dei Bianchi, 54013 Fivizzano (MS)
A typical Italian restaurant with nice views across the valley. Head to Monzone and then just after the village turn left up to Mezzana. The restaurant is right at the top of the road.

Tresana (near Aulla)

Da Mauro
+39 018 747 7464
One of our favourites - about 40 minutes drive from Villa Rosa but definitely worth it. Particularly good in the late summer, early autumn when they have the most delicious porcini mushrooms fried in flour. They also have an open fire on which they cook meat. They have an area to sit outside overlooking an outdoor pool.


I Pescatori (closed on Mondays)
Tel: +39 0187 965534
Address: Via Doria, 6, Lerici (there are tables out on the main piazza in the summer - the actual restaurant is up a little alley underneath an archway)
Situated in the main piazza and serving delicious local seafood at reasonable prices. The lunch menu is fixed - 35 Euros - and includes a starter, pasta dish, main course and lemon sorbet dessert. It also included as much sparkling white wine and water as you can drink!!!

Cinque Terre

Gianni Franzi
Tel: +39 0187 821 003
Situated overlooking the main bay in Vernazza. Serves seafood and pasta dishes whilst listening to the waves lapping in.