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Spicciano (spich-aah-no)

Spicciano is a tiny medieval hamlet surrounded by olive groves, grape vines, apple orchards, fields and chestnut woods. It has a population of c.40 - all local Italians, many of whom still work the land surrounding the hamlet. Spicciano is mostly comprised of very old buildings with a handful of modern houses dotted about. There are no shops or bars in Spicciano although the main town of Fivizzano is only 5 minutes away by car.

The hamlet of Spicciano in the distance (April 2007)

As you turn off the main road to enter the small road leading to the village, you are surrounded by olive trees.

The small road leading to Spicciano

The first thing you see on the left is a small monument on the spot where a handful of Partisans were executed by the Nazis in the Second World War. Carrying on down this small road, there is a sign to indicate you are in Spicciano; as you enter there is a babbling spring to your left, and to the right, the area where the women would have once washed clothes and linen. There is a small church to the left and a tiny square in which to park your car.

The Old Washing Area

Land surrounding Spicciano (April 2007)